GSSC Open Science

GSSC Open Science is a collaborative approach to research that encourages the open sharing of research methods, data, and findings, fostering a collective effort to address complex global challenges. By harnessing the power of datalabs, datasets, marketplaces and collaborative workspaces, the scientific community can work together more efficiently, tackling complex challenges with unprecedented speed and cooperation.

GNSS Datalabs offer the tools and infrastructure required for scientists to test hypotheses, develop models, and extract meaningful insights.

GNSS Datasets form the foundation for research projects, and their openness ensures that scientific findings can be independently verified and built upon. The abundance and accessibility of datasets are integral to the success of Open Science.

GSSC Now act as hub for sharing and acquiring data, fostering a global marketplace for knowledge.

You can contribute to the GSSC Open Science collective knowledge pool in two ways:

  • Native contribution: provide your own data, analysis, or research findings sharing your expertise and resources with the global community.
  • Federated contribution: maintain control over your data while still contributing to the larger body of knowledge making accessible selected portions to the wider scientific community.

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